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Gandhi Vidya Mandir is a leading non-government, non-profit organisation of Sardarshahr. It was founded in 1950 for championing the cause of Social welfare, education and for rendering humanitarian services. A true follower of “kuch na chaho kam aa jao”, karmyogi philosophy , social servant saint Shri Ramsharanji Maharaj inaugurated orphanage house (Bal Griha) in 1976 just  with only two destitute children. The same year the number of children swelled to 37. Seth Shri Sohanlalji Dugar got a new building constructed. Still, the work related to expansion and development of Bal Griha is going on in full swing with the assistance of donors rendered from time to time. Under the patronage and with the assistance of the donors it is being managed quite well utilizing institutional resources to the most. Gandhi Vidya Mandir is dedicated to the holistic development of destitute children. At present 60 helpless and destitute children are living and receiving education in an  environment known for human values.



This Bal Griha is meant only for disabled children who have unfortunately lost their parents. The objective is to groom these children into good citizens and bring them to the mainstream of society. For this Gandhi Vidya Mandir is leaving no stone unturned. Initially the Bal Griha was established to take care of children like mother and accelerate educational development in a family  environment. Gradually, Bal Griha has also commenced  providing shelter, food, medical and educational facilities to physically handicapped children as well.

  • Strengthening  moral fabric  to the highest level.

  • Committed to using all assistance from donaters in a scrupulous manner.

  • Striving for creative and constructive development of children in a family like environment.

  • Organizing extra classes by qualified teachers for difficult subjects.

  • Providing library and reading room facilities to make them familiar with Indian Culture and  to  inculcate human values in them.

  • Making the facilities like LCD TV and Computer available for their entertainment and for enhancing their  learning.

  • Stress on Physical exercise, Yoga, Sports facilities for their fitness.

  • Organising Regular medical check-up and providing free medicines under the highly  experienced doctors of Ayurved Vishwa Bharti.

  • Providing the water cooler to children as well as to passers-by.

  • Making Pooja Griha available for daily prayer for inculcating the sense of spiritualism.

  • Bal Griha being  run in well maintained building in  a good salubrious environment.

  • Arranging breakfast, lunch and dinner in an orderly manner commencing  the Daily routine  with Morning Prayer and concluding the day with prayer before going  to bed.

  • Honing the professional skills with regular studies.

  • Equipped with the facilitaties such as  8 halls, 16 rooms, Bharat Mata Dham, Anuvrat Kutir, Guest Room etc.

  • Room,  Mesh, Fresh Drinking Water, Sadhna Kunj, Store Room, Matra-Griha, Computer Room, Entertainment room, etc…

  • Providing  Glucose water, Medicines and free accommodation to the pilgrims of Salasar Dham.

  • Organising Value education camp to inculcate human and moral values.

  • Organizing  educational and religious tours.

  • Equipped with facilitaties like two kitchen garden, sports ground etc.

  • Providing discrimination free environment while  maintaining discipline.

  • Grooming children to do their routine work and Shramdan making independent and self-respecting human beings
  • Providing resources to develop interest in cottage industry, gardening etc.

  • Organizing Cultural events to promote and develop interest in Culture, Music, Painting  etc.

talents of bal griha

  • Children educated from Bal-Griha are holding  coveted positions or engaged in higher education.

  • Scholarship has been given away by Rajasthan Ratnakar Sanstha, Delhi on Jul. 19, 2016 to 16 children for their education.

  • Results of students class UKG to Higher Secondary is 100% and some of them have secured marks above 75%

  • The student Bhagirath Chahar of Bal-Griha is now serving as Assistant in the  Department of Commercial Tax, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

  • Rameshwar Nayak is now posted  in Indian Post Department, Dungargarh.

  • Puranmal Swami is working as a senior teacher.

  • Dilip Prajapat is now pursuing the CA course  in Delhi.

  • Dilip Singh is enrolled  in IIT.

How to help

Each and every volunteer and employee of Bal Griha is committed to the  development of children. A committee is constituted to run the Bal Griha smoothly and prominent citizens from far and wide  are associated with it as a stake holder in the management. 

You are welcome to get  associated with us as a donor for accomplishing the  proposed activities. You can prove to be an important pillar of this institution with your precious help.

  • Ashrya Gorav- Rs. 1,01,000/-

  • Ashrya Ratna- Rs. 51,000/-

  • Ashrya Stampbh- Rs. 21,000/-

  • Ashrya Mitra- Rs. 11,000/-


By way of adopting and paying fees of students @ Rs. 31,000/- per annum.

(It comprises of  his/her education, diet, clothes & training, etc..)


By arranging meals  (on  birthday, anniversary, death anniversary and etc..)

  • One time simple meal- Rs. 2,100/-

  • One time meal including sweets- Rs. 3,100/-

  • One time meal on selected date for a year(for 10 years)- Rs. 21,000/-


Note- Bal-Griha does not  accept cooked meal . Fresh fruit, grains, daal, spices, oil, ghee, sugar , gur are acceptable.

Contact us

+91-9783254963 | 01564-223641

Bal Griha, Gandhi Vidya Mandir,
Churu- 331403.
Rajasthan, India.

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