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Protecting our Cows from Lampi

  • Over 30,000 cattle heads have died

  • 50,000 more have been infected in Rajasthan and Gujarat

  • Around 2,500 cattle deaths in Rajasthan

  • Virus spread in Rajasthan to 9 districts

Scale of the problem

  • Admitted 200 cows to its Gaushala

  • 15 staff member dedicated for 24hour treatment & care of these cows

  • Treating them with Allopathic + Ayurvedic Medicines

  • Gaushudha is proving to be very effective

  • Gaushudha is being made at SBLD lab &being provided to locals at base rates

SBLD feels for their suffering

  • We have Raathi cows, they are  highest yielding Raathi cow of 27 litres milk per day

  • They are bred in-house & fed our own Ayurvedic medicines and herbs in cases required

  • Milk is being used in-house for the students and orphanage

  • Surplus milk converted to ghee - packed & supplied

  • Establishing new breeding centres of Indian cows across the country

  Lead example- Village Kiritpur in Chhattisgarh with                fodder banks and other services for local cattle   breeders

Work at our Gaushala

  • Everyday atleast 20 more cows are being admitted

  • Expenditures on their care & treatment is rising daily

  • We don’t want to stop or say NO to new admissions

Our resources are limited

  • Expansion of Lumpi care center for abandoned cows & increase caretakers

  • Free Distribution of Gausudha and other ayurvedic medicine to other Gaushalas for abandoned cows

  • Provide daily nutritious cow feed mix of dry + wet + millets + oil khali

  • Increase medicinal support & other supporting Medicinal equipments

We are committed towards. .



A/C. Name :-     Gandhi Vidya Mandir
A/C. No.:-          11781010000290
Bank Name:-     PNB.
IFSC CODE:-     PUNB0117810

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