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08.08.2020 following works were conducted by the Gandhi Vidya Mandir.

(A)Medical Service :

1.Screening :

18 persons

2. Old quarantined: 11

3. New quarantined: 24

4.Positive *patients in covid care center:50

5.Discharged from quarantine: 02

6. Corona test samples report:

18 negative

7. Got negative & discharged : 143(our covid care center)

8.Semple sent for corona test: 18

09.Distribution of immunity booster: To 305 persons

10. Quarantined persons are being given regular morning and evening practice of yoga and pranayama.

11. Regular medical examination and counseling is being done.

12. In the morning and evening, decoction of Antiviral Servajvarahar Powder is being given to the quarantined persons regularly.

13.Pouching of Sarvajvarahar powder *produces:*Report awaited

(B) Sanatization Sarvice:

Sanitized hospital morning & evening.

(C) Supply of essentials goods:

1.Food :

255packets of food givan to quarantined persons.

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