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14.05.2020 following works were conducted by the Gandhi Vidya Mandir.

(A)Medical Service :

1.Screening of patients: 350

2.Quarantine on bed now: 570 persons

3. New quarantine: 155

4.Shelter home : 45

5. Test report: All reports negative

6.Semple sent for covid-19 test: 122

7.Distribution of immunity boosting medicine: 1340 persons

8. Quarantined persons are being given regular morning and evening practice of yoga and pranayama.

09. Regular medical examination and counseling is being done.

10. In the morning and evening, decoction of antiviral serpentine powder is being given to the quarantined persons regularly.

11.The work of making large quantity of Sarvajvarahar powder in the plant in the Gandhi Vidya Mandir is in progress.

(B) Sanatization service :

Fogging in quarantine wards & hospital campus.

(C) Supply of essential goods:

1.Food :

700 packets of food items givan to Govt officials to distribute among needy persons.

(D) Fodder distribution to the stray cattle: Fodder 10 places in town two trolley

as usual

Academic Activities:

(A) Gandhi Vidya Mandir

4 -5 Hours teaching conducted from nursery to 11th class daily

(1) Dugar School : 22+147=169 Students for 14 Periods

(2)BPS School : 124++40=164 Students for 14Periods

(3) Balbari School :95+208=281 Students for 16Periods.

(4)Meera Nikatan School : 131 Students for 13Periods .

IASE deemed to be University.

1.Faculty of education:

M. Ed. : 1Classes 06 Students

B. Ed.:

09Classes 90 Students

B. Ed. Integrated:

26Classes 300 Students. BSTC- 03Classes 45 Students.

Students including


2.Faculty of Engineering :

11 Classes. 156 Students

including B.Ed. integrated

3. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

BA: 05Classes 56 Students

MA:4 Classes 32 Students

including B.Ed. integrated

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