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Corona warriors

(A)Medical Service : 1.Screening of patients: 40 2.Distribution of immunity boosting medicine: 1300 persons 3.Quarantine:140 persons 4.Laft Quarantine - 28, after successful completion. 5.Test report - 21 all negative (B) Sanatization service : Fogging in quarantine wards and hospital campus (C) Supply of essential goods: 1.Food : Distribution of 350 food packets & butter milk as in previous days. (D) Fodder distribution to the stray cattle: Fodder 8 places in town two trolley as usual On April 17, a truck of 80 quintal dry fodder was sent to the village panchayat Phoga by the Gaushala of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, on April 18, a truck was sent to the village panchayat Byla and Harisar Jatan and a truck Parali to the village Chadasar for distribution to stray animals . Academic Activities: (A) Gandhi Vidya Mandir 4 -5 Hours teaching conducted from nursery to 11th class daily (1) Dugar School : 22+160=182 Students for 16 Periods (2)BPS School : 117 Students for 14 Periods. (3) Balbari School :105+198=303 Students for 16 Periods. (4)Meera Nikaten School : 137 students for 14 periods . (B) IASE deemed to be University. 1.Faculty of education: M. Ed. : 2 classes 26 students B. Ed.: 09 classes 348 students B. Ed. Integrated: 08 classes 208 students. BSTC- 03 classes 75 students. Apna Parivar - 129 Students including BA & MA (History) 2.Faculty of Engineering : 13 classes 287 students including B.Ed. integrated 3. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. BA: 08 Classes 172 students. MA: 09 Class 79 students. students including B.Ed. integrated

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You are cordially invited to Sansthapak Diwas of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar on 02 October 2021 at 9:00 a.m. To join the meeting kindly click on the below link

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