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Exterminate Covid-19

(A)Medical Service : 1.Screening of patients:55 2.Distribution of immunity boosting medicine: 170 persons 3.Quarantine: 118 persons 4. Emergency teams : 5 5.Sample collected for corona test: 43 sample are collected by Govt Doctors team & sent for test of CORONA. These persons are in the quarantine ward of our Ayurveda college. Report of 23 samples awaited. (B) Sanatization service : Fogging in Ayurveda college & it's wards (C) Supply of essential goods: 1.Food : For persons kept under quarantine & others departments. Butter milk to quarantine, Ayurveda college hospital & others. 2.Through central mess of GVM cooked food packets are also supplied to needy

(D)Fodder distribution to the stray cattle

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