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GVM - Protocol for prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Following are the protocols and preventive measures which are adopted by GVM on a daily basis for the treatment of Covid positive patients in the Covid Care Centre and for preventing the staff members from being infected:

1. Yoga and prayanam session in the morning

2. Sun bath atleast for an hour in a day

3. Avoid being in a air conditioned room for ling time

4. Practice the process of steam inhalation or jal neti on a regular basis

5. Always take nutritious food and aviod cold and fried eatables

6 Always take luke warm water.

7. Take Sarvjvarhar churna and Shubrabhasm capsule on a daily basis to boost your immunity. And for infected patient, the churna should be taken three times a day in about 7 gms quantity.

8. Balarishtam and Vasakadyarishtam should also taken after breakfast for an infected patients.

9. Keep the surrondings clean and sanitized and take a good sleep.

All the staff members of Gandhi vidya mandir are taking Sarvjvarhar churna on a daily basis i.e., 3 gms in quantity and so far no one has been infected till now. It is very effective and a person can take this churna even for his/her entire life to keep himself/herself save.

For better understanding please watch the entire video till end.

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