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Our Efforts to control Covid-19

(A)Medical Service :- 1.Screening of patients:17 2.Distribution of immunity boosting medicine: 167 persons 3.Quarantine: 141 persons 4. Emergency teams : 5 5.Sample collected for corona test: The Report of 43 sample are collected 2 days ago were all negative New Samples collected 35 sent for test (B) Sanatization service : Fogging in Ayurveda college & it's wards (C) Supply of essential goods: 1.Food : For persons kept under quarantine & others departments. Butter milk to Ayurvedafoodv college hospital & others. 50 lit butter milk sent to on duty police personals daily from Gaushala of GVM 2.Through central mess of GVM cooked food packets are also supplied to on duty personals and others

(D)Fodder distribution to the stray cattle

Academic Activities: 1) 4 hours teaching conducted from nursery to 11th class daily in BPS School. & SBLD School On 07.04. 2020 average 99& 94 students respectively attended these classes. In Balwari 300 & in Meera Nikaten 105 students attended on line classes total periods engaged 4. 2) IASE deemed to be University. Faculty of education: B. Ed. 8 classes 128 students B. Ed. Integrated: 10 classes 112 students Faculty of Engineering, : 4 classes 48 students Humanities & Social Sciences.

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Following work were conducted by GVM 1. Total screening... 04 2. Total quarantine...03 3. Total positive in covid care center ... ........ 01 4. Today home isolation..15 5. Today active positive.. 16

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