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Swami Shri Ram Sharanji


11th Feb 2022 marks the Birth Centenary of an Icon - Late Swami Shri Ram Sharanji (Formerly Shri Kanhaiyalalji Dugar). Swamiji has inspired generations of families of Sardarshahr, Churu, Rajasthan. Born and brought up in the erstwhile princely State of Bikaner, Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar was spiritually inclined since his childhood. He devoted his entire life towards giving back to society. He took it a step further by leaving his luxurious house in Rajasthan to set up his dream charity project.

Today, Gandhi Vidya Mandir sprawls across 1200 acres, houses IASE Deemed University, Krishi Vijan Kendra, 5 schools, a Gaushala, an Ayurved College, provides shelter to the underprivileged, & provides health care for the needy. He truly transformed a desert into an Oasis. In more recent times the volunteers of the Institute have given outstanding service at the times of natural calamities like Uttarakhand floods, Tsunami, floods of Kashmir and floods of Barmer. With limited resources the GVM team of 150 volunteers fought against spread of pandemic disease Novel Covid-19 at various levels.


education maketh a man

The education imparted at IASE University covers the four facets of human personality:

Knowledge, Emotion, Conduct and Physical Development.


Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) signifies an educational establishment that sows the seed of humanism into each human being. If I were to elaborate, 'Gandhi Vidya' would augment a life-style that is useful to all and benign to all; which could keep the human society held together despite diversity of views, environments and aptitudes, by an abiding bond of love; and that should, as well, be able to prevent degeneration of human society by providing equitable education of the highest order in different streams of knowledge. That would also foster rural upliftment, character building, creation of addiction-free society, self-purification, awareness for health and hygiene, “think no ill – do no ill” to anyone, and an urge to extend a helping hand in fulfilling the basic needs (of the society). I would call it GANDHI VIDYA, and its veritable sanctum would be MANDIR.

|| कुछ ना चाहो | काम आ जाओ ||

|| कोई और नहीं | कोई  गैर नहीं ||

-Swami Shri Ramsharanji

Formerly Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar

Our Founder


GVM was founded in 1950, on a 1200- acre piece of land, on one of the harshest and most backward terrains. Acutely prone to droughts, heat and cold waves, epidemics and other travesties of nature, GVM has striven to alleviate the acute backwardness through various permanent and adhoc programmes of education, culture, livelihood, health and hygiene, vocations etc.


The importance of ethics and values too cannot be disregarded; otherwise a student would become a rudderless ship. In order to meet the manifold changes and challenges in the emotional maladies confronting the society at large, the institutions of higher education must set a mind-frame to consciously ingrain the humanistic values into the students at every step. IASE University, in its own humble way, would like to make itself a paradigm of sorts.


GVM has had a glorious past.It has grown from strength-to-strength and its 50 years history is a saga of strides, struggles and successes. "Service with Sincerity" is our watchword and the motto is : "Gyan-bhanur-bhasatam" - "May the Sun of Knowledge Shine".


Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM), founded in 1950 as a sequel to its founder's dedication to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi whose assassination spurred a revolution in his heart and soul. His name was Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar. Born and brought up in Sardarshahr in the erstwhile princely State of Bikaner in a very distinguished and wealthy family, yet, Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar was spiritually inclined since his childhood.


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“I would be glad when this institution shall develop into an ideal University, progressively serving the humanity at large through education and culture.”

— dr. rajendra prasad,

First president of india.



“I am grateful that an opportunity to come here was provided by Shri Dugar (V.C.). All I can say is, anything that may be done at Government of India’s dispensation, we shall do, to further the cause which its founder had pioneered and taken up 50 years ago. As a very small token, I will request the UGC to give you a one time grant of Rs. 2 crores so that you can further raise your infrastructure.”

— Shri Arjun singh,

Former union minister,HRD



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